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October 26th, 2014

07:30 pm: [sticky post] LB's Welcome Post!
Hello! Welcome to the writing site and blog of LB Lee, AKA Loony-Brain.  You might know us from Etsy, Patreon, or tumblr, for being That Multi Who Makes Comics on the Internet, but this is primarily a personal blog and writing site.  Here you will find lots of stories about a post-apocalyptic traveling exorcist, fantasy adventures going wrong, and geezer vampires--I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror about LGBT and mentally odd folks. You can find all our posted stories here.  If you want to know more about us or multi, check out our 101 page here. (Or, if that's too much, here's the very short version.)

The story promptcall is currently closed!
Art commissions are currently open!

We also have some stories and comics for sale. Do any catch your eye?

Short stories for sale!Collapse )
Comics ebooks for sale!Collapse )

EDIT: the Paypal button on this page breaks constantly. If you're trying to use it and it fails, please let me know immediately so I can fix it again! Until I fix it, you can always use the button on our profile.


February 13th, 2016

07:36 pm: old Infinity Smashed art: Raige expressions
Doing a big binge of scanning old art, and found this page of expressions for Raige, from Infinity Smashed. Man, remember when I couldn’t fathom speech bubbles and was terrified of them? Yeah… hard to believe.

This picture has no date (I never dated ANY sketches back then) but I THINK it was from maybe mid-2010? And his design hasn't really changed much since then. The top left face is pretty much definitely the one he makes during The Next Adventure. The flirty face... involves a part of Book One I haven't written since the old draft. Context is for the weak.
Big image behind the cut!Collapse )
Transcript, for folks using screen-readers or who can't read my handwriting:

And image descriptions for my screen-reader buddies.Collapse )

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February 12th, 2016

02:20 pm: Out of Mind delayed!
Hey guys, so Out of Mind (AKA: the AllFam omnibus) is going to be delayed a bit... because I’ve been commissioned to do a different short comic! :D

It’ll be called What’s Great About Being Multi? and it’ll be a little eight-pager (like the Greatest American Novel of ALL TIME!) that’ll be about our favorite parts of being multiple.  A little positive project like that sounds like just what I need right now, plus you know, money.

Thanks for being understanding!  I look forward to having a new book out that WON’T take a year and a half to make.

EDIT: Yes, it'll be available as an ebook and hopefully on paper too!  The commissioner has given permission for this.

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February 8th, 2016

05:25 pm: I've been cited in an academic article! :D
Over a year ago, I was interviewed by Anthony Farthing up in the UK.  Today, after giving my permission, I've been cited in ‘Graphic Medicine’ as a Mental Health Information Resource: Insights from Comics Producers.

Here's the article.

How cool is that? :D

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February 6th, 2016

09:58 pm: Livestream at 3!
Hey guys, as usual, I'll be doing a livestream tomorrow/Sunday at 3PM, Eastern Time here. I'll be working on sketchbook and Dramatis Personae pages, and continuing until my shoulder seizes up. (So let's be honest, I'll probably be going to eight like usual.) There might be NSFW content.

Come join the party!

04:57 pm: February Story Poll!
Hey everybody, it's that time again: time to vote for which story gets the Patreon money this month!

As always, patrons get double weight for their votes.  If you'd like to be a patron and get bonus content, please consider joining up on Patreon!  And if you want to see the blurbs for any of these stories, those are here!  If you don't have an LJ and so can't do the poll, that's okay; just leave your vote in the comments below; anon comments are turned on.

Which story gets the money?  YOU CHOOSE, readers!

Poll #2036030 February Story Poll!

Which story/s get the money? (Check ONE or TWO!)

Given Values of Success (Princess and Monster)
Again the Night (Princess and Monster)
Drown (Giant Robots)
How Jazell Got Their Earrings (genderless high school)
The Librarian (Reverend Alpert)


February 4th, 2016

03:26 pm: Livestreaming
Drawing and streaming until I don’t wanna no more.  Sketchbook pages, grab bag, come and join the party if you should so desire.

February 3rd, 2016

01:11 pm: Out of Mind Kickstarter plans!
Okay guys.  As I mentioned, I took January off from pretty much all comics work.  But that doesn't mean I haven't been working!  I've just been giving my wrist a rest and working on Kickstarter perks and planning.

Perks and plans!Collapse )

I'm really excited about all of this, and also excited to be getting back to work on Out of Mind--AKA the AllFam omnibus.  And as my readers, it's YOUR opinion I want to hear most of all!  If you have anything you want to see, now is the time to tell me, while I'm getting things together

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February 2nd, 2016

04:42 pm: Aesthetic Meme
An aesthetic meme; I saw creatore-magico on LJ doing it and it seemed cool, so here's mine for a few of my series!
Reverend Alpert, Princess and Monster, and Infinity SmashedCollapse )

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February 1st, 2016

12:29 pm: Alllll the Emoji Meme arts!
Well, I finished the Emoji Meme! I hope you enjoy the art as much as I enjoyed making them!

EDIT: forgot one!  Added Mori's wingman face.

Lots of silly faces behind the cut!Collapse )

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