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LB's Welcome Post!

Hello! Welcome to the writing site and blog of LB Lee, AKA Loony-Brain.  You might know us from Etsy, Patreon, or tumblr, or for being That Multi Who Makes Comics on the Internet, but this is primarily a personal blog and writing site.  Here you will find lots of stories about a post-apocalyptic traveling exorcist, fantasy adventures going wrong, and geezer vampires--I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror about LGBT and mentally odd folks. You can find all our posted stories here.  If you want to know more about us or multi, check out our 101 page here. (Or, if that's too much, here's the very short version.)

The story promptcall is currently closed.
Art commissions are currently open!

I also have some stories and comics ebooks for sale. Do any catch your eye?


Given Values of Success. (the Princess and Her Monster) Tobiach spends a lot of time desperately trying to convince himself that he and his plans are NOT failures, and then something he doesn't plan goes surprisingly right. $30 (prompted by silvercat17)

Again the Night. (Princess and Monster) Before he takes on his new name of Gate Monster, Gad adjusts to his new body, in all its frustrations and boons. $42 (prompted by kaylin881)

Drown. (Giant Robots) The apocalypse hits, and no matter what happens, Biff and M.D.'s giant robot is going to be left at the bottom of the ocean. M.D. just assumes she'll go down with it, but Biff isn't going for it. $30 (no prompter; I screwed up a prompt from jimnightmare)

Passing Phases. (IS AU, or LB stuff, whichever you prefer) Biff slowly builds up the image he wants other people to have of him... and then slowly strips it down over the years before coming here. $40 (no prompter; I screwed up a prompt by silvercat17)

Hamster Man. (Battle the Universe) Chester "Cheeks" Maccio has come all the way from Vermont to see what superheroing is like in the big leagues, and then he and Lorry end in a firefight. $30 (prompted by contrapangloss)

How Jazell Got Their Earrings: Jazell moves to a new, predominantly white, upper-class school and is having trouble fitting in, so they try to make a friend. ($40) (chanter-greenie on DW)

the Librarian: Most Revered Dorothy Ives gets sent to exorcise the spirit of a newly-dead friend, and has to deal with death from her past, along with an unexpected letter. (price up for grabs here! $52.50/$70)

Comics Ebooks
We sell most of our paper comics online on Etsy.  However, due to file size limitations, we sell the ebook versions through here.

Comics Ebook MMMEGAPACK! (v.1.3): Every comic we've ever made since 2007 (currently over a dozen comics and 350 pages).  Contains every comic below, plus comics that are out of print or were never printed in the first place.  $35

The Homeless Year: It is summer 2012, and multiple LB has just lost job, home, and mind. Mentally ill, living in an attic crawl space filled with rusty nails and rotten fiberglass, there's only one thing to do: make funny comics about it, and hope to eventually write their own happy ending. So they do, and they did. $10

All In The Family parts 1-4: It's been nine months since the Homeless Year ended, but something is badly wrong. Part memoir, part psychological mystery, follow LB as they dive into their distorted memory, trying to find the truth of their family history. $7 each

MPD For You And Me: What we're known for! A brief introduction to the old diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder, written in everyday language. Ever wondered why the name was changed from MPD to DID? What it's about? Here you are! $2.50

Questions: Done for 24 Hour Comic Book Day in 2010. A brief FAQ about our system, in comics form. Wondering who we are and what we do? Here's your answer! $3

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here: Ten systems spread over three continents share their experiences with multiplicity and soulbonding through writing, art, and comics. A bit higher level than MPD for You and Me; not recommended as a first reading. $1

One-pager bundle: contains Gender Evolution, Feeling Worthless?, the Bad Day Book, Transphobe Blues, and Eat This Sandwich! $3

FTMPD: Rogan's zine on the intersection of being transgendered and multiple. Hits such topics as body modification, his wedding, and what makes a 'real' man. $1

The Greatest American Novel of All Time!: A cute little comic about the "genius" ideas you get when you're twelve, and how they somehow seem less genius as you age. $1

EDIT: the Paypal button on this page breaks constantly. If you're trying to use it and it fails, please let us know immediately so we can fix it again! Until we fix it, you can always use the button on our profile.
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