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Servathon is now OPEN!

My health has not been the best, but the writeathon must go on, and I promised y'all a bonus for being so awesome. And so, ladies, gentlemen, and other lovely people of distinction, the writeathon is now OPEN! The theme today is service and servitude.

'Serve' is one of the most versatile words in the English language. It's everywhere. To serve others is a noble ambition, but servants are considered the opposite of noble. A server might involve computers, your restaurant dinner, or volleyball. Who or what do we serve, and how? What does it mean to serve? Perhaps this writeathon, we'll find out!

This writeathon will be taking prompts until the 7th! Make sure you get your prompt into me in time!

Here are the rest of the rules, for those of you who are new to the writeathon.

How does it work?

I come up with a theme. Until the 7th, you may give me prompts. What kind of prompts? Anything, as long as it meshes with the theme...and I highly encourage elastic interpretations. It can be characters, settings, or scenarios. It can be one of my existing story universes, one of yours, a stand-alone, or fanfiction--though if you do choose fanfiction, double-check with me that I know the fandom.  It can be any genre, including porn.

Then I take your prompts and write flash fiction!  (If you'd like some examples, check out writeathons past!)

1. Prompt a story.

Anyone can prompt; I have anon comments turned on, so you don't need an LJ. Please only leave prompts at LJ, so I have them all in one place! Also helpful is to make sure I have a way to contact you, so you don't have to keep checking the page for your prompt status.

To insure your prompt gets written, you can do one of two things: plug, or donate. Link to the writeathon and encourage participation elsewhere on the web (twitter, your LJ, Dreamwidth, tumblr, etc.) and give me the link. Or you can donate at least a dollar or buy some comics or zines, and BAM! Your prompt is guaranteed to get written.

2. Sponsor a story.

I go and write flash fiction, using your prompts as inspiration, and I return to give you a quick blurb of what I wrote, plus the cost of sponsoring the story. (I'm using DuoTrope's Digest semi-professional rates; my flash fic will average $30, or three cents a word.)

It doesn't matter who sponsors the fic. It can be the prompter, it can be the prompter's mother, it can be two or more people splitting the cost, it can be anyone. Once the fic is sponsored, it gets put online for all to see!

Easy, no?

What if I'm broke?

You can prompt regardless. Heck, by plugging the writeathon elsewhere on the net, you can even insure it gets written, and you never know, lots of people are into the same thing, and will sponsor a work even if you can't.  Some orphaned stories get sponsored months after the writeathon is over!  Don't let lack of funding keep you from prompting!

Freebies, Bonuses, and Perks

Here's the fun part. Below, you see my little piggy bank tracking my funding goal. If my generous audience sees fit to reward me by going over my goal, they reap the benefits!  Go over the goal line, and one of the sponsored stories, either picked at random or put to a vote, will get a bonus illustration that everyone gets to enjoy.  For every $50 raised above the goal, more bonus sketches are accrued.

If any one of my audience is singularly generous, donating, buying, or sponsoring $50 or more, then they get a free sketch for a prompt of their choice on top of it.

You can also earn free writing. If I raise $100 by the 14th, you get a free 1000 words--either added to a story, or a whole new bonus one.  For every $100 after that raised within those two weeks, you get another bonus 1000 words added.

Below is my little piggy bank, keeping track of the writeathon's earnings.

Feed the piggy, and let the writeathon commence!
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