LB Lee (lb_lee) wrote,
LB Lee

'Multiple' is not a word that can be appropriated.

Okay, there’s this idea I’ve seen around tumblr, so let’s get this out of the way: ‘multiple’ is not a word you can appropriate from people with DID/MPD/DDNOS.

'Multiple’ is not a diagnosis.  It’s an adjective.  Some people are depressed because their cat died; other people are depressed because they have depression.  We don’t go around badgering the people in the former camp because most people understand that depression isn’t JUST a diagnosis.  Ditto multiplicity.

You also can’t claim that self-identifying as 'multiple’ is violating some mythical identity safe space, because I have no evidence that a multiple first coined it.  Academics and shrinks were using it in the therapeutic literature by 1984.  See for yourself.  If 'multiple’ WAS coined by multiples, it was quickly co-opted by the people in power over us.

You can’t claim 'multiple’ is cultural appropriation because multiples are not a culture.  We are, at best, a very small subculture. (And really, it’s more like a cluster of very different subcultures, constantly fighting and back-biting each other.)

You can’t even claim 'multiple’ is being infiltrated because c'mon.  People have been whining about fake multiples since the 1980s.  It’s an old fight.  There aren’t enough multis, of any flavor, to make jealously guarding such an adjective worthwhile, and even if fakers started using it… so?  There’s no Multi Police who will take away your Multi Card.  There’s no legal/diagnostic criteria of multi.  People like Kenneth Bianchi and Richard Angelo have been abusing the MPD/DID diagnosis for their own purposes for DECADES!  Even now, you see small fish like Andy Blake using it to excuse their own actions.

If you’re trying to keep the word 'multiple’ out of the hands of everyone but the precious few, you can’t, because like I said, ain’t no Multi Police.  If you’re trying to keep multiples from looking bad, too late, we already have Billy Milligan, the serial rapist.  That train has LONG left the station.  So what exactly is this policing meant to achieve?

Besides silencing and confusing young multiples and denying them the most obvious words to describe their experience, that is.
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