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Jenny's China Cabinet

This is a VERY old piece of writing from 2009 I found while digging through my blog archives.  I've edited it up to repost here; there will be a couple other snippets.

Jenny's China Cabinet
Universe: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: very short
Summary: After the events of Red Roses, Old Horses, Jenny grieves.
Notes: You should read Red Roses, Old Horses before you read this.  It has spoilers for it.

The first thing Jenny did was break every piece of stoneware in the house.  Plates, glasses, vases, it all had to go.  Against walls, the floor, the door, everything.  It all had to break.  None of it was hers, after all; it was mostly MacIntire's, and she wanted nothing to do with it or him.

Bastard had LEFT her.  On the night of fucking VALENTINE'S DAY, he had just up and left and had to go and fucking RUN OFF on her...

For the first ten minutes, she managed to break most of the china cabinet without feeling anything but rage, which was exactly what she wanted.  She wanted to just sit there for a while, that he had just LEFT her like that.  Not even a break-up, just gone, just abandoned her on fucking Valentine's Day like the short-term alleycat she'd always known he was.

It was all satisfying.  The smashing of crockery, the effort required to hurl it all with enough force to shatter it, the fragility of glass versus the heftier weight of plates and bowls.  She found a chili bowl decorated with saguaros; she broke it to bits.

Fucker had given her roses.

At that point, she had paused in her smashing, suddenly driven by the frantic thought: where were they?  For another couple minutes, she skittered around the ruined apartment, sorting through broken shards for flowers.  She'd gone through the place twice before she remembered that she'd made Bob take them.

God.  The man was shit with flowers.  Maybe he'd burn them.  Piss on them.  Give them to his mother... no man ever ran out on his MOTHER... ever LEFT her...

Ever died.

She dropped the saucer she was holding, where it broke in two on the floor.  Then she sat in the middle of her destroyed living room, held her face in her hands and cried.
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