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Ramblings of a Loony-Brain

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This is the blog for LB Lee--AKA Loony-Brain, formerly known as Baaing Tree. We write stories, most notably about young people's reality unraveling, a medieval world where the Roman Empire never existed, and an exorcist who travels with his anthropomorphic representation of sin. If that's not what you're looking for, here are our other web hangouts:

Tumblr (random fun stuff by other people)

This journal is partially locked. Common entry topics include: writing, world-building, character design, multiplicity, books, comics, mental illness, disability, general life events and such, and making fun of really, really bad porn.

We're multiple. Don't know what that is? Here you go! You'll get to know us as you go along.

MuC N-- [f/m/a/o] S.H A(b r--/++) Os/w Wd|^ Cc+ I--!~ OF++ P-/# Fa/~ T++*/--- X(a/b/s/o) Ja/wr Dg/o R-- C++ So+