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The Systems Everyone's Ashamed Of

Even in something like multiplicity, which is popularly considered an unbelievably florid mental illness, there is a hierarchy.  Having people in your head, that’s okay, but they have to be the RIGHT people, or you’re just… TOO crazy, I guess, and faking it for shits and giggles.

I don’t really understand why this idea exists.  The Troops of Truddi Chase, one of the most famous multiples thanks to When Rabbit Howls, had a system member named Mean Joe, who was based off of Joe Greene, the football player.  Even the most traditional, conservative, middle-aged DID system I knew admitted that one of their system members INSISTED he was a Martian, which caused them a fair bit of embarrassment and distress. (They mostly kept their mouth shut about it, for obvious reasons.)

It’s not that unusual a concept in the multi world, fictives and factives and whatever the latest lingo is, and yet, people act as though it was invented by tumblr.  Ha, no.  People aren’t that creative.  Anything you find bizarre, I PROMISE someone came up with it before.

I have known “normal” systems with all human, all split members with no basis in fiction or already-existing people, who I would not touch with a ten foot pole.  I know systems made of glitter and sparkles and unicorns who are among the most stalwart, down-to-earth, wonderful people I know.  In my experience, and I’ve met a lot of systems, weirdness of system members has little correlation to the decency and character of the systems themselves.  This shouldn’t be a shock, but apparently it is to some people.

Sometimes, I am asked if I’m offended by these florid system members, these teenage soulbonder unicorn otherkins on the Internet.  The answer is, of course not.  What can those teenagers do to me?  Annoy me?  The people who can really fuck me up are the singlets in the medical establishment and government who control my access to healthcare, income, and housing.  If I’m going to burn my carefully-horded energy on anger, I’m going to actually spend it on the people who hurt me.  The people with the power.

The Homestuck fictionkin multi kids?  Do not have power.  I have yet to have my disability cut off because of one of those kids.  Hell, it’s people like them who kept me afloat during the homeless year!

So yeah.  Dudes, if you’re multi, you’re already crazy to the uberculture around you.  You aren’t really in a position to claim superiority.
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